Results from the Spring 2013 Kaplan Diagnostic Exam

Professor Keller will be holding two sessions to review the results from the Spring 2013 Kaplan diagnostic exam.

Session 1

October 9th 5-6pm:  Distribution of Kaplan ISRs (Individual Student Reports) and presentation on interpreting your data.

Session 2

October 16th 5-6pm:  Ways to take action on the Kaplan data and recommendations.

Please attend to learn more about how the Kaplan program can help you succeed on the bar exam!


Demystifying the Bar Exam

Big Hairy MonsterSo many students I talk to think of the bar exam as a hairy monster, more terrifying than anything they have ever encountered.

That is so far from the truth.

Think about it.  When you were a 1L just starting Orientation, didn’t law school seem like a scary new world?

The first time you got called on in class, didn’t you wish the ground would just swallow you up?

When you had your first mock oral argument, didn’t you feel like the sky was going to come crashing down?

At your very first client meeting, weren’t you terrified that you would make a mistake or give the wrong advice?

Yet, you survived all of these challenges and emerged successful and confident in your ability to handle any situation that law school could present you with.

Now it is time for the ultimate rite of passage, from law student to attorney.  The bar exam is just the final hurdle on the road you have been traveling for the past 3 or 4 years.

If you don’t believe me, listen to Edna Wells Handy, author of You Can Pass Any Bar Exam.

I tell students all the time that the bar exam will be one of the easier exams they will ever take because of the simple fact that there are correct or best answers, based upon objective, verifiable law.  Yet, few of them believe me.  When given the choice, too many bar candidates would rather think about the exam in skeptical, even fatalistic terms.  They choose to do so because of the tendency to view the bar exam in isolation; as if it were separate from the process which the candidate had begun in the first year of law school.  The process of becoming an attorney.

If you can think of the exam as a part of that process, one which will bring you closer to your goal of becoming an attorney, one that will leave you with skills and knowledge you will find useful for the practice of law, then the bar exam will not loom as some large, insurmountable obstacle.  It will merely be the next logical step in your development.

The most important thing you can do to ensure your success on the bar exam is to have a plan.  That is what the BPTF is here to help you with.  Please follow this blog as we share valuable information, tips and strategies that have led others to success on their first try.  Just follow their lead, and you can do it, too!

*Monster courtesy of Monsters by Kristen –!